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1993 MB BS Royal Free Medical School, University of London

1996 MRCP Royal College of Physicians of London

2005 DM University of Southampton

2007 CCT in Gastroenterology and General Medicine

2013 FRCP Royal College of Physicians of London


Consultant Gastroenterologist at Royal Hampshire County Hospital, Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Lead for Endoscopy at the Royal Hampshire County Hospital
Lead for Inflammatory Bowel Disease at the Royal Hampshire County Hospital
Bowel Cancer Screener Hampshire Bowel Cancer Screening Programme
Chair of the Mortality Surveillance Group Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


Gastroscopy including therapeutic UGI dilatation and stenting
Colonoscopy including polypectomy and endoscopic mucosal resection (EMR)
Bowel Cancer Screening
Flexible sigmoidoscopy


DM Thesis - Matrix degrading enzymes in IBD: dependence on TNFα and identification of IgG plasma cells as a novel source of MMP-3
Primary Investigator for multiple NIHR and industry funded trials in inflammatory bowel disease including IBD Bioresource, LUCENT UC, Profile, REACT-2, Legacy, SERENE UC, I-CARE, SPARE, PANTS, Pred-4


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